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About the Black Team

At Black Team, we believe that security goes beyond simply implementing technology or building higher walls. It requires a deep understanding of threats, potential resistance and careful planning. This is what has inspired us to create a company that challenges the traditional perception of security and instead seeks to uncover and address vulnerabilities in existing security systems. We've seen how neglecting physical security can have disastrous consequences, and we're dedicated to preventing it.

But our goal is not just to break in - we want to help companies identify and understand their weaknesses and work with them to create more secure environments. Our unique approach to security and in-depth understanding of threats make us a valuable partner in protecting your company.

About me:

During my time in the Special Operation Forces, where I traveled the world and worked with various security setups, I began to ask myself: Is this really safe? If I were the enemy, how would I break in? I quickly found that finding holes in security became a challenge for me, a passion that has now inspired me to work in physical security full time.


With over 19 years of experience in the Special Operation Forces, including work with intelligence, clandestine operations and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), I have built up an extensive knowledge of security. My work has taken me all over the world, where I have been responsible for protecting Danish diplomats and securing our embassies, as well as other locations that I cannot mention here. I have improved my skills by participating in various courses in OSINT and intelligence, which have further sharpened my skills.


My mission is to create a safe society and make a difference. I believe we can achieve this if we integrate security into people's everyday lives without it becoming a burden or making them paranoid. Although more security will bring certain challenges, I am convinced that if we understand and communicate the threat landscape correctly, we can make it an integral part of our lives.


What sets me apart is my deep understanding of security, developed in an environment where life directly depended on it. I quickly see opportunities and weaknesses and can work across different domains, including OSINT, reconnaissance and infiltration, enabling me to design comprehensive plans from the ground up. I am also supported by a skilled team of specialists that I can draw on when needed.


My track record speaks for itself. I have a 100% success rate in getting into all the sites I have tried. But my goal is not just to break in. My goal is to help companies understand their weaknesses and to work with them to create safer environments.




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